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Dealer Only online auction offering a large and varied selection of trade-in vehicles direct from only Franchised Dealers and Approved Vehicle Purchasing Centres.

With thousands of cars taken in trade each year in Australia,  offers wholesalers the opportunity to source and buy trade cars direct from franchised main dealers.

What's more:

  • No Buyers Fee
  • Fully supported by an experienced team of industry professionals
  • is a unique online auction offering Trade cars direct from Franchised Main Dealers in Australia.

You will have the chance to view, bid and buy trade vehicles from Franchised Main Dealers you may not normally have the opportunity to buy from.

Our comprehensive vehicle listings give potential buyers the opportunity to view a fully detailed online vehicle appraisal along with photographs of the vehicle before placing a bid.

Using an intelligent bidding system you can place "Your Maximum Bid" on a listed vehicle and it will bid up to this on your behalf. This gives you the opportunity to buy a vehicle without the need to constantly monitor the auction.

Bidding increments are a minimum of $200 until the last 12 hours when you can then bid in increments of $100

A Dashboard page allows you to keep track of all vehicles you are currently watching, bidding on or have purchased.

All vehicle listings detail the selling dealers location enabling you to allow for travel, collection etc.

At the end of an auction if you are the successful bidder you will be forwarded the contact details of the selling dealer to make arrangements for payment and collection.

If the reserve price set by the selling dealer is not met at the end of an auction but your bid was the highest placed, the selling dealer still has the option to accept your highest bid if they wish to do so.

You can be assured that all registered users of are vetted to ensure the highest standards of professionalism are maintained from both Franchised Main Dealers and Wholesalers.

If you are a franchised main dealer who would like to offer your trade vehicles on our auction site please contact us or register.